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Dedication to Dace

Child on the Summit

We were children, innocent and unmapped
Strangers to wilderness, lacking provisions for sustenance

Instructions were given for proper and thoughtful routes
But trails were everywhere, thousands, millions of paths

Some more traveled than others all twisting and contorting
Winding nowhere, somewhere?

Visitors stories were plentiful as marriages after war
Tales of great victories bringing man and women to summit

I had read the maps and studied the mountain
Magnetic North revealed a common way

But true North was my destination
The compass heading of the Spirit

Weary of two dimensional animated graphics of paper insensitivity
I am ready to walk the living mountain with you

The top is not the beginning of the trail, but the end
Start with me, climb with me, be my partner

The most challenging elevation has the greatest reward
Let us work to the highest heights, and yet higher still

Hand in hand, I will lead when strong
And you will lead when strong

We will loose our way on many spurs and forks
Praying to True North for guidance, correctness will lead

The summit is always clearly seen in my vision
Share my dream and stay close to my heart

Rejoice glad heart ascending with weighted burdens of one
Power and strength of two is greater than one whole world

I would give a lifetime to the day
But never a day to the lifetime

A gift of God has joined us forever
Forever I will love you

- Martin Horn

© Copyright 2006 All Rights Reserved

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