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A website dedicated to demonstrating the graphic design and music skills of Martin Horn

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Graphic Designer

Design with purpose and impact targeting your marketing intent. Artistically designed presentations inviting viewers to submerge into rich content and continue the journey to the end. Allow Martin to create a perfect representation of your business wonderfully designed in any media you desire. Printed brochures, logo creation, business cards, website, product photography and retouching, YouTube video, letterhead and envelopes, animations, illustrations, CD/DVD and theme music. For the past 35 years I have produced top world standard products for large corporations but now focusing on offering small business the same high standards at affordable rates.

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The personal music offered for concerts and CD's listed on this website are solo piano and solo guitar instrumental music performed in the classical and new age styles. Original instrumental compositions by Martin Horn performed on solo piano and solo guitar and recorded by Martin Horn Creative Media. Also included for you to listen to are orchestrations composed for voice overs and background theme music.

Additional styles offered for business websites, audio CD's and DVD's ochestrated in any combination of instruments composed to client specifications.

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