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To the right I have listed a few poems for your enjoyment. A book of poetry will be published soon if I have enough requests for it. Please let me know if you would be interested in purchasing a book. Use the scroll arrows to view all the poems. Thank you for listening.

I have made five selections from the collection, you may choose from the titles below or scroll though all of the poems on the right.

Poetry Selections


Feathered inflection tip my tiniest hair
Like trees swaying to soft summer air

Awakening spirit my soul aware
God's messenger of love and care

Every believer is awarded an angel so fair
His extension of light, together in pair

Singing the music of praise we share
In concert to a world of truth so rare

- Martin Horn


Many challenges await the fearless
Not so much the fearless
But the one who fears and continues
The weak call us fools
The regretful call us courageous
Traveling companions nod with fatigue
Giving a tightly gripped smile
Questioning hope silent and alone
Speaking of it's audacity in quick phrases
Whispering the fragile murmur cautiously
For if we were to hover over the thought
Even for more than a moment
It would fall from our reflection
Shattering in painful shards
Leaving me to pick up the pieces again
Each time I rescue a broken dream
Then drop it again into smaller fragments
The image becomes more focused
Until finally self is sacrificed
And only the light remains
As a diamond with millions of facets
Pure illumination
Sized for understanding

- Martin Horn


For all who suffer the night, 
Hope shimmers in morning light

Failure a forgotten fight
Ends in dusty dusk of night

Emptying dire thought in dawns glow
Filling vacant heart so joy does flow

Awaken vitally to bright call
Daring to stand ten feet tall

Fearless beliefs begin anew
Dressed in glory of magenta hue

Brave one creating new day
Walk to the radiance in reverent way

Leaping obstacles of murky streams
Run to the river of fresh pure dreams

Discovering we are less there than air
More spirit than flesh in body bare

Weightless as the simplest element
Release the gravity of burdens rant

Rise to the sky with love aware
Fly where dreams and breath soar in pair

Infinite journey of peace so does embark
And all we are remain here as your mark

In each arrival. a blessing
In each visit, an enrichment
In each departure, an understanding
In each other, love

- Martin Horn


light almost weightless
Hollow boned and feathered in colors

Extending wing to horizon
Sunlit in horizontal magenta 

Uplifting currents shared in tandem
Companion of light and flight

Oh splendid morning of wilderness
How I have missed you since yesterday!

Greetings with a whisper
Softly spoken heart to thought

A soul sends messengers to purity
Fruitful mountains grant the reply

Art sculpted of miraculous intricacy
Yet undemanding for the simple

Green on blue characters sing
Quiet harmonies in tranquil dominion 

Lyrical collaborations of wisdom
Hidden for the silent

Immersed in creations fluid song
Cascading dreams flow head to foot

A waterfall of imagination to motion
Moving through misty curtains

Into the land of absolute truth 
Mapped in joy and guided by peace

- Martin Horn


I awoke today from my long slumber
Opening my eyes to the morning light

Drawn to the brightest glow
I looked up to see you

Your soul casting beacons to your eyes
Projecting out to be discovered by the aware

The filters of darkness are removed and
Pure illumination flows like silver rivers

The  light of our eyes unite in harmony
Our hearts reflecting melodies of understanding

There is peace in our worlds today
And a time of day set aside as a reward

Our wings extending from folded to open
Preparing for synchronous flight of understanding

We share the radiance of the sun
As we soar the currents of warmth

Temperate streams drawing us up to heaven
And a cool bubbling creek refreshing our soul

Together we share the morning of birth
And in the moment we make ourselves new

Yesterday we forgave
Today we love
Tomorrow is joy 

- Martin Horn