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Dedication to Steven

A Walk in Eden

Is biography more than biology?
Is history rooted in the sand on a hill?

Or is our foundation in the beginning
In the single spoken sentence of love

Either there is a God, or there isn't
Both possibilities are frightening

Either the universe was created
Or the universe created itself

Do our teachers know everything?
Were they there at the beginning?

Do we know everything?
Do we know half of everything?

Even if we knew half of everything
What is the truth existing in the other half?

The word of God has not changed in 2000 years
The preserved documents witness solid unchanging truth

Evolution is shifting, changing, circling in variables 
Every ten years reveals the lies of ten years past

Science is the understanding of creation
Knowledge gained by experience

Observable, testable, repeatable, identifiable
That is the definition of science!

When did the definition change?
The religion of evolution is defined in faith

Steven, your faith is stronger than mine
Such great faith in theory and hypothesis

Yes, my faith is in spirit, unscientific
But I identify design, extraordinarily scientific!

Intelligence can be explained with science
Wisdom needs the Spirit to succeed

Do we place love in test tubes?
Who would search for life in a vacuum?

Intelligence is indoctrination and submission to instruction
Wisdom transcends intelligence calling for the sensible

In wisdom we discover God.

- Martin Horn

© Copyright 2006 All Rights Reserved

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